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May 24, 2017


Storyteller Mary

How exciting! Congratulations on a new incarnation of your work!

Elaine Viets

So proud of you, Dana! Congratulations!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yes, this is SO great!


Congrats! I'm looking forward to watching it on June 4th.

Doris Ann Norris, the 2000-year-old librarian

Get excited each time I see a promo.
Am really looking forward to kit.
Hope to see some other Femmes have their work selected. Hallmark needs a lot of material with two networks.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Doris Ann, yes, it's wonderful! And maybe you could give them a quick call?? xoxoo

Dana Cameron

Thank you, Storyteller Mary, Elaine, Hank, Mark, and Doris Ann! I can't wait!

And yes, Doris Ann, I think anyone who's going to like Site Unseen is going to love work by the Femmes Fatales!

Lynn Evans

So excited to watch this!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

I am, too, Lynn! xoxoo

Karen in Ohio

Dana, your writing has to be super clear if the setting and characters for the movie are the same as you imagined them! That must feel amazing, to know you successfully communicated what was in your mind.

So looking forward to seeing this.

Dana Cameron

Thank you, Lynn! I'm glad you'll be able to see this evolution of the EmmaVerse!

And thank you, Karen in Ohio--it was so gratifying. It also helped that the director, Doug Barr, had worked on an archaeological site once, and they had an archaeologist to advise on the set!

Janet Reid

I am delighted to see this! Well-deserved!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Karen, so true! LOVE these books, and it'll be fun to se them come to life.

Janet! xooxo

Deb Romano

Dana, how exciting! I hope the movie earns you more readers.

Sally Schmidt

Congrats! I am really enjoying these Hallmark movies. Even if they don't follow the books exactly they seem to be capturing the spirit the authors intended so it's like double the fun - books and movies. Looking forward to this one.

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