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May 16, 2017


Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

London: noonday concerts at St Martin's in the Fields or their evening ticketed concerts. Scarsdale Tavern in Edwardes Square off Kensington High Street.

Cambridge: a walk and picnic at Byron's Pool and of course, punting on the Cam.

Laura DiSilverio

I especially love the idea of the concerts at St Martin's in the Fields, Margaret. That sounds charming. We definitely intend to try punting on the Cam. Fingers crossed!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

I cannot wait to see the photos! And what fun… A family trip. I'm sure you will have many fabulous stories of your own… Safe travels !

Laura DiSilverio

Thanks, Hank. I'm getting excited now that most of the logistical deets are in place. Received our tix for the Harry Potter studio tour today.


Sounds like fun! Hope you enjoy.

Ellie Enos

My daughter is planning her first trip to London this fall. We contacted our friends that have been stationed there to get advice for her.

One recommended: I would think a day tour that took her to Windsor, Oxford and the Boudlian Library, and maybe Stratford Upon Avon? My favorite is Windsor and not even for the castle but for the town.

She needs a pass for the bus/tube, she needs to know that regent street takes her from around the British Museum to Westminster Bridge passing all sorts of places. Buckingham Palace has a tour on certain days, She needs to go into at least one of the big stores like Harrods or Fortnum and Mason, or Selfridges. Miriam and I had tea at Fortnum and Mason after touring Buck House.

Ellie Enos

Marilyn also said: "This is another day trip---Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath Day Trip from London.

If she's read any of the Bronte or Austin books (like the one where she went to visit an Aunt or something), Bath is great. Very that time English with Roman baths, and Stonehenge is Stonehenge and Windsor goes with out saying."

I also recommended that she read Sharyn McCrumb's mystery "Missing Susan"

Elaine Viets

We loved exploring the neighborhood pubs in London, and asked the hotel staff good places to go. The cab driver recommendations were often tired and touristy. Have a wonderful time!

Laura DiSilverio

Thanks, Mark!

I appreciate all the good ideas, Ellie. I think I read MISSING SUSAN long ago, but I will look it up again.

Pubs are always good, Elaine! No hotel staff for us, though--we're staying in a VRBO apartment. Much more comfortable with the girls along.

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