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May 08, 2017


Deb Romano

Oh, Donna, decluttering has been on my to do list FOREVER! It's embarrassing to admit but around a year ago I misplaced my favorite decluttering book(I keep trying to buy THE one that will help me to work magic in my life) and finally found it--underneath a lot of clutter. So yes, I will be making still another attempt at decluttering this spring...and summer...

Barb Goffman

Invite Sherry Harris over and let her guide you. She will take no prisoners. (You remember dealing with the stacks of magazines last year at my house? Sherry wouldn't let me look through them, declaring (rightly), "If you haven't read them in five years, you're never going to. Out they go.") I needed her tough decluttering love.


I've been applying this a little as well as I've been trying to clean one small area of my condo. Once my roommate moves out, I am going to have to do this in my entire condo. One small area at a time, however. I can't do it all at once.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yes you are right, one thing at a time, goals you can conquer. I'm all for it! And you can do it.

Cathy M

My husband and I are clearing clutter from our garage and painting the walls in preparation for new storage cabinets. We ripped out the old cabinets which forced us to buy new ones and everything in the old cabinets is in boxes on half of the garage floor. We threw out a bunch of stuff and will probably throw out more as we put things away in the new storage.

Before the deconstruction started, we gave away tools we no longer plan to use or should use at our age (a large chain saw). Although we could park both cars in the garage, there was just too much stuff we kept "just in case". "Just in case" never really came, so the purge is continuing.

Good luck with your "right sizing".


Deb, maybe we need a support group for people who are trying to declutter! And Barb, my organized side is prodding my clutterbug side along with the threat of a Sherry intervention. Mark, one small area at a time seems to be working better for me that "I must clean it all up--now!" Hank, thanks for the encouragement--yes, I can do it; I just have to keep focused. And Cathy, I feel your pain. "Just in case" is a really dangerous phrase!

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