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May 01, 2017


Laura DiSilverio

Sorry I couldn't join y'all at Malice. I'm sure it was a great time. Carol, your book sounds fabulous. Can't wait to meet Blackwell and Watson. Off to Amazon to make it happen!


I agree that Carol's presentation at the new author breakfast was great, especially for that early in the morning. (Someone stayed up way too late chatting with people the night before.) And the book sounds intriguing.

I have a fascination with the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, so those popped into my mind first as a time I'd like to visit. However, thinking about people from history I'd like to meet, Walt Disney comes to mind. I am a DisNerd, after all.

Margie Bunting

When my father was dying 6 years ago, he told me in the hospital that if he made it through the last crisis (acute breathing problems from COPD), we would have to talk because, he said, "we were both wrong." I wish I could go back and question him then--in writing, since he was wearing an oxygen mask--and maybe I would have had more insight into what happens at the end of life. Miss you, Dad!

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