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May 29, 2017



Looking forward to the movie based on Dana's book on Hallmark this Sunday!

My favorite TV series ever is Babylon 5. Wonderful 5 season long story arc in the days before even season long story arcs were a thing.

Current shows? My favorite in still Once Upon a Time. I also watch all of the superhero shows on The CW.

Yes, my TV watching isn't that much mystery or crime. I guess I get my fix for that in books and my fix for other things on TV.

catriona mcpherson

I've just discovered Madam Secretary (two episodes of season 1 to go) and it feels like the new West Wing - even as far as some of the same actors in exactly the right roles (like it's all real and they've got those jobs now!)

When we immigrated to the US and had to take a driving test, Neil passed the written because of The West Wing. The question was about DUI and he remembered Sam in "Celestial Navigation" saying if Judge Mendosa (with his health condition) had "drunk enough to blow a 0.8 he'd be dead right now". 0.8 was the right answer.


Our Sunday night date is watching 60 Minutes and Madame Secretary. Then I take over the TV to watch Masterpiece. I sorely miss Downton Abbey.

However, we just watched the series The Keepers on Netflix. A cold case story you might like, if you don't mind screaming in frustration.

Ritter Ames

Lovely post, Hank, and thanks for the preview link. I know where I'll be Sunday night :)

Ann Mason

Was there life before Acorn and Britbox?

How many of you can pronounce Dalziel as in "Dalziel and Pascoe"?

Catriona, you mayn't answer.

Hank, we watch all the same stuff. Who knew? lol

catriona mcpherson

Extra points for use of "mayn't", though.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Finally back on a computer--I was attending a trial this morning. Research, right?

Mark, I don't know Babylon 5--yes, I'm...out of it. :-) I will check it out!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Ramona The Keepers? Definitely will check it out..your Sundays are just like ours!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

But they put the new Megyn Kelly show on opposite 60 Minutes. That's a bold move. Or something...

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Ann, oh, I fail the pronunciation test--but if we have the same habits, I'll have to try it. And learn.

And Catriona is right about mayn't!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Catriona, that is the BEST story ever! Love it.

And spellcheck tried to make your name into "cartoon."

Hank Phillippi Ryan

and I agree it's very confusing. The casting is great.

But yeah, the whole thing is confusing.Listen to this.

We also watch Designated Survivor, and in it, no spoiler because it's in the promo clips and it's the opening of the show and what it's based on, the US Capitol blows up.

So the next week,we were watching Madam Secretary, and they showed the Capitol building, and I said--hey, wait, that blew up! They rebuilt that pretty darn fast...then I thought, oh. wrong reality.

LJ Roberts

AcornTV and Britbox keep me sane, followed by Amazon Prime, and Netflix. The only network show I now watch, albeit with a touch of guilt as it is so over the top, is "Designated Survivor," although on weekends I do binge out on Hallmark movies as they are great to crochet by.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

We LOVE Designated Survivor! (see above--do you get confused, too? tell me you do...)


I want to catch up with Designated Survivor this summer and rewatch Timeless, since it got saved from the axe!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Thank you, Ritter!

And oh, I think Timeless is such fun. I love the look on the historians face when she realizes she gets to see history in real life. Don't you think she does that so well?

catriona mcpherson

Yep, that's me - "Cartoon Improper Capitalisation".

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Could be worse. We have a reporter named Andy Hiller. Guess who--achtung--spellcheck makes HIM?

Ellen Byron

I'm addicted to ONCE UPON A TIME. Also VEEP and SILICON VALLEY. Those are the only shows I have time for these days!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, Ellen--good advice! I will try VEEP again--I could not connect with it--even though I really wanted to. xoxoo

Hank Phillippi Ryan


Ann, email me at h ryan at whdh dot com--and tell me which of my books you'd like me to send you!

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