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June 21, 2017



I'm not a fan of hail. I like my moisture from the sky to be in the form of rain and nothing else. Maybe it's one reason I stay in California.

Cathy M

Hail makes me nervous. I lived in southwestern Ohio in April, 1974 when the super outbreak of 148 tornadoes ripped through 13 states. In our area it started with wind and hail and we watched a tornado heading toward us on television. I listened to hail hitting our roof and air conditioner and I truly wondered if there would be holes in the roof before it was all over. I kept a tennis ball sized hailstone in my freezer for years.

Like Mark, I prefer my H2O in liquid form.

Elaine Viets

I agree, Mark. Icy softballs dropping from the sky are scary -- fatally scary.

Elaine Viets

Kathy, I grew up in tornado alley in Missouri. Hail usually meant something really bad was on the way -- green sky and greasy black clouds are bad signs.

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