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June 20, 2017


Hank Phillippi Ryan

More more more! This looks so fabulous..and I agree, what wonderful family time.

And yes, indeed, luck. Yeesh. I think you have to consider it freeing, you know? If you really do have no control most of the time, all you an do is be prudent and make wise decisions, and then cross your fingers. Actually, no. NO finger-crossing Just live to the fullest.

xoxo And oh, this summer? We're staying home. And I am SO looking forward to doing nothing! (We'll see how well THAT works!)

Laura DiSilverio

Hank, you are utterly incapable of doing nothing! (But I hope you enjoy staying home anyway.)

You are so wise about just making decisions and living life. That's what we try to do. You can't hide under the bed for fear that if you leave the house you'll be hit by a bus or an IED.


Glad you had such a fabulous time.

My trip this summer is New Orleans in July. In fact, I fly out a month from today. I've never been, so I'm looking forward to it - except for the heat and humidity.

Laura DiSilverio

New Orleans is a great city. I predict you'll love it, although it will be hot and humid. The WWII museum is excellent, if you're interested in that kind of history.

catriona mcpherson

I love your honesty here - about luck and about the 98% of the time! I'll be in London for a days in August. Poor dear old London. I want to hug it.

Laura DiSilverio

I'm with you, Catriona. When you think of the blows London has absorbed over the years--the Great Fire, the Black Death, wars, et al--you have to think she will endure this and triumph, too.

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