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June 07, 2017


Hank Phillippi Ryan

I could not do it--I really couldn't. Sad but true .

But a good alternative--when I go away, I say to my producer: -I will be able to read your email--but I can only answer between 4 and 4 15. That way we both know I am available and connected, but not constantly.

A good compromise? Maybe? Xxx

Dean James

Great advice. I've taken mostly unplugged vacations, but never a totally unplugged one.

Art Taylor

All this strikes home, Elaine. We just came back from a week away in Oregon, and while we cut down on screen time generally (phone, computer, and TV), it was tough to cut it completely--on all counts. Part of it is habit, of course, part of it the need to be available (for work or even writing, since I got two stories accepted that week!) but also part of it is sharing pictures on Facebook, which we did a few times.

I envy folks who can really shut it off completely, I really do!

Elaine Viets

TV is a tough business, Hank. Those are strong measures.

Elaine Viets

I should have added one thing more, Dean: Expect something to go wrong while you're unplugged. So far, these have been minor, but they still happen.

Elaine Viets

Comgratulations on those short stories, Al. I can't believe how much time I spend on Facebook. It's a major time suck.

Storyteller Mary

Reminded of teaching while ill because it was too hard to write a way to cover all bases for a sub, and then the clean up of problems upon return. Three-hole punch disappeared once; students blamed the sub. I replaced it with one from home that would only do two holes at a time . . . ;-)
My CSA farmer mentioned messages after her bedtime; we brainstormed a solution, an auto-response giving reasonable times for expecting responses, so her page won't get a rep. of "slow to respond to messages." I didn't even realize that was penalized.
I've taken many vacations with no computer or television, just letting the "real world" take care of itself. Lovely! <3
As for firing people while they're away -- diabolical and cruel, and if Dante's right about circles of hell, there's a special one for those heartless ones.


I've taken some unplugged vacations just because my cell phone didn't get reception where I was. (And I really wasn't that far from civilization, either.) It's funny because I really enjoyed them. But the day I knew I'd have service again, I was itching to get connected again.

One of those was last summer when I was on a cruise, and I hit civilization again to a couple texts and Facebook messages asking if I was okay. Apparently, there was a fire in my area. I knew nothing about it. (And for the record, everything was fine, thanks to the hard working firefighters.)

Elaine Viets

I still remember the poor fired guy's face when he said, "Where's my desk?" -- and the feral grins of the staffs who knew he'd been demoted. Not pleasant.

Elaine Viets

Staying connected is not just a habit, Mark, it's an addiction, and hard to break. The cruise ship Wi-Fi costs make sure I'm incommunicado at sea.

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