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June 15, 2017


Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

I sealed up in plastic boxes with tight-fitting lids everything in the pantry except the teabags...which the mice ate! They haven't chewed through the tin cans, but have nibbled the labels. A plague of mice, indeed.

Marcia Talley

Margaret, they had the leisure of gnawing thru the lids of the Tupperware to get to the pasta! UGH!!!

Margaret waters

Ewwww! No fun for you, but the mousies must have been fat and happy.

Cathy M

What about glass jars with clamp lids? I'd put the rice, beans, lentils, etc in those and then put the jars in a big plastic container so they couldn't be knocked over and break. You could do the same with other pantry staples.

When we lived up north, we once had a mouse die in the space between the floor on one level and the ceiling of our downstairs family room. Luckily we could fish it out, but we kept sniffing around for any other rodent suicides. I don't know what I'd do if I came face to face with a dead squirrel.

I'm sorry but our cat is in kitty heaven where I expect she is busy with lizards and snakes (which she pursued with vigor and much success while with us.)

Elaine Viets

I'd lend you Harry, who's an excellent mouser, but he's on patrol here in Florida. What a mess! But your trip home and those fresh shrimp sound lovely.

Marcia Talley

I could feed Harry in shrimp, Elaine!

Ellie Enos

The Alaskan squirrels are ferocious when it comes to food. We were camping with friends and left a Tupperware container full of homemade chocolate cookies on the campsite table and found it burrowed through in the morning! Those squirrels turned their noses up when the kids tried to give them some bread!

Marcia Talley

Animals can be so picky! The swimming pigs in the Exumas turn up their snouts at veggies. They much prefer peanut butter sandwiches.

Barb Goffman

Marcia, ever since your husband fed me spaghetti with hot dogs (something new for me, which I loved!), I knew we were kindred spirits. So it should be no surprise that I agree with him (and the mice, apparently) about the quinoa spaghetti. Welcome home!

Jeannette Williams

Marcia, I would agree about the glass jars. You can get them several places depending on what sizes you want to get & put labels on them. With me, I usually save the large "Creamer" Plastic containers from "Sam's" & use them for several things like the extra Pancake Mix after I've opened it, or Flour, or some Sugar so I don't have to keep going to my 5 gallon bucket for it. Things like that. The glass jars are great if you don't need a lot unless you want to use gallon jars. The mice won't be able to get into them for sure! I store a lot of things in my pantry & I use plastic tubs all the time & so far haven't had any mice get into them. I actually haven't had any mice get into my pantry. Let me check & I'll get back to you. Jeannie

Marcia Talley

I spent two years living a vegan lifestyle during which time Barry put hot dogs on everything. His favorite recipe that he made himself -- brandied hot dogs au gratin, cooked in the microwave. Eeeeuw!!

Beth Schmelzer

We eat up everything before we travel away from home. Those foods we do not eat I put in the freezer. My disaster happened at Christmas before we left: I confused the confectioner's sugar and the flour in the freezer. The challah bread wouldn't rise, but it sure made "sweet" rolls. We discovered my mistake when we needed the confectioner's sugar for the Christmas rolled cookies we were planning to bake on Christmas Day!After a trip to Hawaii in Dec, we had to shorten our holiday celebrations into 2 days before our snow birding in FL. What a whirlwind. So I understand your struggles.

Mary Ellen Hughes

I have a cat for you, Marcia. But you'll have to keep it. :-)

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