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June 28, 2017


Liz Boeger

How about: I'd rather have dry socket.

Dry Socket can happen after a root canal and the pain is almost as bad as (unintended) natural childbirth...another story.

Mia P. Manansala

If you want to keep the teeth theme, you can go with, "I'd rather have a wisdom tooth removed."

Got three of them removed in January (two were impacted), and despite feeling no pain during the procedure and a great oral surgeon, the recovery was AWFUL.

Charlaine Harris

Yes. After my childhood friend told me his big brothers used to hold him still and drop darts on his feet, that's my go-to expression. "I'd rather have darts dropped on my feet."

Elaine Viets

Ouch, Donna. I've had eight root canals, and they were all hurt. So "rather have root canal" still works for me. However, when it comes to real pain, I'd say, "go through another 2016 election season."

Sue King

Yowch! How about, I'd rather be in traction - so sayeth this long time reader who has been there, done that --- and reeeeeeeeeeallly not interested in doing it again.

Deb Romano

"I'd rather hop backwards on one leg, blindfolded, across I-95 at rush hour".

A few years ago I had a root canal on a good tooth(don't even ask), and it was fine. The raging infection that followed, however, was not.

Ellie Enos

I had a root canal in May. As you mentioned, my dentist was very gentle and even the initial deadening didn't bother me. About half way through the procedure, he began to discuss a bible lesson he had led the week before. I had my tooth tented, my mouth spread open, and no place to run. There are some times, and places where you are using every ounce of your energy to remain calm---for me that is a dental office. Even cleanings have been traumatic at certain stages of my life so the anticipation of a root canal was overwhelming. I didn't find his recap reassuring.

Susan Neace

Although thankfully I haven't had to experience it, my husband, his neice, my brother in law and a male co-worker have all had the misfortune to pass kidney stones. I'd say that would be an equivalent to your prior phrase

Karen in Ohio

Just a thought, Donna, maybe stop saying you'd rather do something you dread, and instead just say, "No, thanks."

Because it sounds like the universe is taking you up on the challenge!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Karen-- that is brilliant! And very wise.

And yes, Donna--good dentists and endodontists are real treasures!


Liz, I devoutly hope to avoid the personal experience that would fuel the dry socket metaphor!

Mia, I have had my wisdom teeth removed. I do not remember it as an inspirational experience--although it had its funny moments; perhaps I will blog about those. But since all my wisdom teeth are now gone, I can be philosophical about the suffering required to banish them from my life.

Charlaine, I rather like the dart metaphor . . . hmmm.

Elaine, I agree with you about the 2016 election season. But . . . I don't want to remind myself about it any more often than I can help!

Sue, traction sounds like an option. Although it doesn't strike fear in the hearts of people who haven't experienced it in the same way root canals do.

Deb, ouch! I can sympathize, since my tooth had gotten badly infected by the time my endodontist got to it.

Ellie, the painless but proselytizing dentist would indeed be a dilemma.

Susan, I've seen friends weather kidney stones. Good candidate.

Karen, yes. Just saying no would solve a lot. But like Meg Langslow in my books, I'm so bad at that.

And Hank, agreed. I just hope neither of my endodontists are thinking about retirement!

Kate Adams

A coworker once commented "I'd rather have open heart surgery than stay home with a sick child" (said after two days at home with her sick daughter).

A friend is allergic to lidocaine and has all dental work done without any pain relief. The mind boggles. I've had a root canal, two wisdom teeth pulled, and three dental implants, all of it done with local anesthesia only, and I still think having a tooth filled is worse. Must be the drilling.

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