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June 26, 2017


Liz Boeger

Ha! Yes, I feel much better about my garage now, and about the umpteenth time I have revised my WIP.

I seem to make an annual pilgrimage to my garage revision--usually in July. Perhaps it is my own Independence Day.

Your candid description of your first drafts and how you put your puppies in stasis is very encouraging for this newbie too. I have a puppy file as long as a novella! Keep up the great work, your books are among my favorites. Be Well!

Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

Last year, sniffle, sob, I was encouraged to put away my first novel. I've already used bits and pieces of it as the foundation for short stories, so it's in a recycling, not trash mode.

My basement, however, is beyond editing. It's in full out purge mode. Dreaming of a dumpster in the driveway...

Elaine Viets

Perfect description -- "killing puppies." I use that technique, too, Donna. I have whole litters in limbo and I've never used them. Never. But it feels much more painless when you make that section a document, sure you'll use it "some day."

Joanna Campbell Slan

I like the idea of "editing" my messes. (I sure could get a lot of practice in.)

Ruth Krieger

We moved from Cincinnati (where most houses have basements) to Stillwater, OK, where almost NO houses have basements, and the basements that do exist eventually develop leaks. Our clutter has never morphed into organized useful stuff, despite two sheds and a storage unit, over 35 years!

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