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June 12, 2017



I was curious what your take on Kondo was. I was frankly horrified when she suggested ripping out "meaningful pages of books" and getting rid of the others.

As with all of the decluttering books, there's usually a good nugget or two and the rest one takes with a lot of skepticism. I will never be a minimalist--my yarn and book stash are too necessary for that. Though some day I hope to have a lot of the papers I haul around move to move scanned and filed so that the original print can go off to the shredder and recycling.

Good luck!


You really need to stop talking about this decluttering project. You are making me feel very guilty.

Elaine Viets

Good luck with your decluttering, Donna. I'm looking at my desk, piled high with papers. Getting rid of them might spark joy, but seeing the wood on my desk would really help.

Shari Randall

Good luck, Donna. I wish I had Meg here to get things done, too!
I'm surrounded by moving boxes, piles of beige paper and stuff I don't recognize but evidently bought. The neighbors have a Dumpster. You can see where my mind is going with this.

Aubrey Hamilton

Posted a couple links on decluttering to my FB feed, since almost everyone is trying to streamline.


I find it helps if I'm doing someone else's work. Want to come to Utah?


Leanne, since a lot of what I'm decluttering I inherited, I feel as if I am already doing someone else's work!


I haven't read the book, but I have read accounts of Kondo disciples getting rid of all but 17 articles of clothing for each season, including jewelry and shoes. I have more than 17 scarves. Such a severe approach is not for me.


We've lurched to a stop on decluttering at the moment. I suspect we will pick up again when the ongoing yard work and keeping cool indoors as a priority subsides. Plus a bit of procrastination abounds.


I'm in the middle of my second declutter in 5 years turn out I'm happy to get rid of lots more. Good luck.

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