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June 26, 2017


Kathy Lynn Emerson

What has always worked best for me is to introduce myself and my series characters in a general way and then ask my audience what they're interested in hearing about. Even with a small group, there are usually plenty of questions and if there is a lull I can always fill in with an anecdote or two. I don't read from my books unless they specify that they want a reading and talk and since I don't do book launches, I'm not usually promoting one particular book, so reading from just one wouldn't be the best use of the time.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

OH, that's a great idea, Kathy! Plus you have to gauge which of your series they are interested in, right?


What a fun interview. Imagine, three greats talking about talking. Might sound boring, but it was fascinating. Which explains why you all are so good at it.

Clea Simon

Fun interview and thanks for the tips: going to plant a question and also suggest that there's something I'm not going to go into... unless you ask next time out.

Laura DiSilverio

Talking makes a nice change from writing sometimes, Kristopher.

Annette Dashofy

I love speaking to book crowds. I used to teach yoga and always joke that if I could stand in front of a room of strangers while wearing yoga pants and doing downward dog, standing up in nice clothes talking about my books should be a piece of cake! But I'm definitely stealing some of these tips. Thanks for a fun interview!

catriona mcpherson

It is work, though. It's fun and it's not mining (or psychiatric nursing - which is what my sister Audrey does)but I'm always surprised by how wiped I am afterwards.

Laura DiSilverio

You are so right, Catriona. It's draining, even if I don't recognize it in the moment. Being "on" takes it out of me. I do still enjoy it, though.

Annette, I don't know why you can't do book events in yoga pants, and I'm sure you could find a way to work in downward dog!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yeah. I told a class in PA over the weekend that "Everyone gets 100 per cent." And that is very draining! I say to Jonathan: I just used all my adrenaline. You know? But SO worth it!

Triss Stein

Thanks to all of you for sharing your experience. I love the idea of planting a question and wonder why I never thought of it. Book launch coming up Aug 9 so believe me, I am stealing ideas uh, uh, I mean, taking notes. :-)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

That's what Femmes are for, dear Triss! And congratulations!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Aw, Kristopher, thank you!

Kathy Reel

Listening to any one of you three speak is a treat. Each of you is such an interesting person besides being a talented writer.

Laura DiSilverio

You are too kind, Kathy. Thank you!

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