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June 02, 2017


Elaine Viets

I write best in my office, Kris, and unlike you, I've never rearranged the furniture. My desk is a big oak kitchen table and the other walls are lined with bookcases. I don't want to think about moving those. I know some coffeeshop writers who've produced fine books, but I need the quiet of my office retreat.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Used to be I had ot write in my office, completely quiet, at my very own desk and my very own chair. Now, after all these years :-) I am a champ on airplanes, one of my favorite places to write, since you can really blot out the world and be productive . Hotel rooms too, the only place I put my laptop on my lap and write-like Edith Wharton, right?--in bed.

Necessity is the mother of change!


Elaine that probably means you got the arrangement exactly right the first time!


Hank, you're an inspiration.

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