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July 03, 2017


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Well, it sounds like the universe has presented you with your next novel, right? And you can do the research on the rings as part of the research for the novel! There is a marvelous story there, no question… Xxxx


Might it be an anniversary note, or to commemorate a birth or other special occasion....and yes I hope this is fodder for a future book!

Jeanine Cronin

Last night I started reading "Emma's Secret", the 4th book in the Emma Hart series by Barbara Taylor Bradford. Your "find" sounds every bit as intriguing! Please keep us posted.


Well, the ironic thing is that I was already using a ring in the plot of my next book . . . just not THIS ring!

Elaine Viets

What a lovely story, Donna, and I'm glad you're using it in a book. Could it be for an anniversary of when your parents or grandparents met? A delightful mystery.

Karen in Ohio

Donna, I wonder if your mother was married to someone else before, and he died before she met your dad.

I have two friends, one older and one my age, who both had brief first marriages that they never told their families about.

Deb Thomas

Donna, I, too, found a ring set when cleaning out my parents' house last summer. I have no idea whose it is, and my parents are both gone, as are anyone I can imagine would have a clue. Mysterious, and frustrating as well.

Perhaps your mother was engaged to a man who didn't survive the war?


Wow. I love these little mysteries. And not sure why I can see a Christmas Meg mystery surrounding those rings and that message... :-D

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