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July 21, 2017



Yes, I have, and it really bothers me. My allergies and asthma are triggered by dogs and cats. It makes me miserable to be around them.

Joanna Campbell Slan

I'm sorry to hear that, Mark. I, too, have allergies and asthma. Mine are triggered by too much cologne and cigarettes. I am also incredibly allergic to rabbits, so anyone with a rabbit jacket makes me sneeze. Fortunately, Jax is Havanese, which is a hypo-allergenic breed of dog. He has hair, not fur, so he doesn't shed. Also, I give him a bath before each plane ride. I realize that other people might be sensitive to him, so I don't allow him to stray from my side.

Laura Payne

My fur babies certainly make me feel better when i'm down or sick. I don't think my 133&155 pound Rotties would qualify, but they are definitely my support dogs!

Linda Donahue

I can't wait to have my Maddie travel with me. She is a German Shepherd and is both an emotional support and service dog.


The timeshares we own don't allow pets, even though Teddy Bear is 19 lbs. I do miss him on vacation but a neighbor/college girl stays at our house & watch's him & the house.

Della Williamson

My girl loves to travel. One of the nice things. She used to be a show dog. Well used to walking at heel. Without a leash. Never mind the fact she doesn't like to let me out of her sight. You mentioned doggie treats? If they are chicken flavored my girl would be more than glad to tear the bag open for you.

Della Williamson

Might mention. In our neighborhood I don't use a leash. But when else where. I do. You never know when something untoward will happen

Stephanie Koenig

You are so lucky to have a puppy small enough to go everywhere! Our Australian Sheep dog is 60#s & gets carsick 🙁
But she is a wonderful companion!!

Joanna Campbell Slan

Laura, after my foot surgery, Jax never left my side. So much love!

Joanna Campbell Slan

Linda, I'll be watching for you and Maddie in the airport.

Joanna Campbell Slan

Missy, maybe Teddy Bear considers that a "stay=cation"?

Joanna Campbell Slan

Della, they are chicken flavored!

Joanna Campbell Slan

Stephanie, I used to raise Great Danes. Jax is definitely portable.

Dianna  Vosburgh

My little Squirt would love a bag of treats. She loves getting mail. Never is for her. But she always wants what is in our boxes and then we have to give her a treat so,she thinks it is in the box for her. Lol

Joanne Kocourek

Our family travels with superbly trained service dogs. Since I got injured we have not flown. Immediately before that we noticed a marked increase in security related dogs. At hotels there has been a marked increase in dogs. Our challenge is the number of fame service dogs which does cause challenges for those of us with legitimate dogs. On a recent trip to Mayo Clinic one hotel demanded certification papers (illegal under Federal and the State law). I'm Fund RAising FOr A successor DOog since MY boy Passed away unexpectedlyat Christmas time. as Much AS i hate THe travel challenges I really need the assistance a service dog provides.

Joanna Campbell Slan

Dianna, Squirt is what my dad used to call me! LOL

Joanna Campbell Slan

Joanne, there's definitely some controversy over "fake" service dogs, but frankly, as long as a pet behaves, why shouldn't it fly with an owner? You can fly with a "lap" child, and that's actually dangerous to the child because there's no restraint. Why not a pet?

Tricia Conner

I have noticed more dogs. When flying the last time, a woman had a dog off leash. It did not stay by her, rather it wandered around the gate area. I could tell she needed the dog, but it was not wearing a harness.

Next month we are taking Hooch with us to Michigan. My MIL wants us to bring him. We are hoping he will like the lake!

Hank Phillippi Ryan


Joanna Campbell Slan

Tricia, that's odd, isn't it? Letting the dog wander? The biggest problem I have with Jax at the airports is that sometimes people don't see him as they pull their baggage or in their wheelchairs. I have to be extra vigilant.

Joanna Campbell Slan

Thank you, Hank.

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