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August 21, 2017



I've listened to audio books for years during drives to visit family. Recently, I've started listening to them more, especially if I have a several hour trip in So Cal. You can get through half a book in one day and listen to the rest during the week.

I've had mostly good experiences with them, although the occasional bad narrator can certainly turn you off. Other times, it's hard to picture the book without that narrator. I will never be able to read a Flavia de Luce novel. It wouldn't be the same without Jane Entwistle's delightful narration.

And I've had a couple of bad discs, but for the most part I'm able to get through a book. Might have to skip a little bit, but rarely is a disc not going to play completely.

I'm loving the digital audio books my libraries have now. No changing discs and no worry about scratches.


I started listening to audio books twenty plus years ago, when I had a 57 mile drive to work. I'm convinced that despite the rare bad disc, they are an effective preventive to road rage.


I love audiobooks especially yours. I started listening to books when I was so ill I couldn't manage a paper copy. I prefer downloads and find it relaxing to listen to a few chapters while I'm relaxing in bed just before sleep. When I was bedridden audiobooks lightened my mood. I do stay away from some audiobooks because reading a horror or sci fi/fantasy sparks the imagination in a different way than listening to them.

Jana Leah

I love audiobooks! I wouldn't be able to read as many books as I do if it wasn't for audiobooks. When I first started listening to them I had trouble saying that I'd read the book when talking about it with friends. I would always correct myself, "well I listened to a book..." Not now tho.

hank Phillippi Ryan

LOVE Alexia Gordon. She's amazing. And what a terrific book that is.

As for audio books. Sigh. If I start listening to one, no matter HOW good, I instantly fall asleep. Instantly. It's the scourge.

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