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August 29, 2017


Edith Maxwell

All these different and fabulous friends of writers - and readers!

I'm honored and humbled to be part of this great group of nominees. Thanks for asking us over, Catriona!


Honored to even be mentioned in the same breath as Dru, Erin, Janet, and all the others within this excellent blog post. Thank you for such an inspired topic for an article, Catriona.

Ann E Mason

Jim, how is it that I didn't know Fadge is for real? What a privilege to be memorialized in your books.


Like Kris, I'm honored to be mention with the likes of Erin, Janet, Kris and the others. Thanks. Great post.

James W. Ziskin

Fadge was a larger-than-life guy, Ann. The next Ellie Stone mystery, A STONE'S THROW, is his book. He and Ellie investigate a double murder on a ghostly, derelict stud farm outside Saratoga Springs in 1962. Out in June 2018.

James W. Ziskin

Honored to be here with you all! Thanks, Catriona. See you in Toronto!


And this is why I love the mystery community so much. We love to shine the light at others who have meant so much to us.

Thanks for the smiles.

James W. Ziskin

Susie, Don and Jen are wonderful people, aren't they? Looking forward to seeing them again in Toronto.

Kathy Reel

What a great post, reading about those who have inspired you amazing authors. The mystery/crime community is such a generous one, with its members always giving shout-outs to one another and for one another. My first Bouchercon in Raleigh in 2013 was the beginning of a beautiful relationship and I cherish it daily.

hank Phillippi Ryan

This is--inspirational. Thank you! What a joy to read this! And congratulations to all of you!

Janet Rudolph

Wow! What a wonderful post..and such kind words..blushing

Triss Stein

Wonderful words from wonderful writers.And applause for the thanks to librarians.

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