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August 21, 2017


catriona mcpherson

"Can I send it to you?" !!!! Hank, getting an advance peak at your new book is as much a treat as eating chips for work. (Yes.)

Ann Mason.

Top of my pile? The new Louise Penny, Glass Houses. Just finished last night, The Coroner's Lunch by Colin Cotterill. Sort of like Dandy Gilver in Laotian drag.

Still gimping after knee surgery but getting book read and off the pile.

Hank Phillippi

Awwwwww--will do, Catriona! Thank you! The first round of ARCs are being printed now. Yeesh.

Hank Phillippi

How are you doing, Ann??? Xxx

Deb Romano

This week I'm off from work and doing a lot of reading-of course. I've almost finished Fire and Ashes; thanks, Elaine! Next up will be The Paris Spy by Susan Elia MacNeal. Having just read over on Jungle Red Writers that Mark Pryor's new book, The Sorbonnne Affair is out, I plan to get that one as soon as I can.

If any of you authors plan to write about chocolate, especially dark chocolate, and need help with research, I volunteer!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

You are so Parisian, DebRo! Love Susan's books, and I'm off to get Mark's too!


I'm currently half way through Gone Gull by Donna Andrews. Up next will be Scam Chowder by Maya Corrigan. Then I'm off on my September reads. (Got to stay about a week ahead of deadlines in case life gets in the way.)

What am I writing? I need to write my review of the newest Garage Sale Mystery - Murder Most Medieval for my blog on Thursday. And if I have time to get a second review drafted today, I'm debating if it will be an ornament review (Mickey Mouse in The Band Concert) or the first season of Designated Survivor. Both review will post next week, so I need to get cracking on them.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

OOH, I LOVE Designated Survivor. Is it coming back?

And applause for being so organized!


Yes, it will be coming back September 27th. I found season one mostly good. There's a new show runner for season 2, so I hope I like the direction the show goes.

Hank Phillippi

Oh, crossing fingers!

( thank you all for your crossed fingers! Things are looking good :-) )

Keenan Powell

I have two translations of Cré na Cille by Máirtín Ó Cadhain on the nightstand that I bounce back and forth between. The book is written as if you're eavesdropping on a the inmates of a graveyard in western Ireland. It's hysterical.

Laura DiSilverio

Sorry I didn't drop in yesterday. Spent the whole day traveling, getting in at midnight after a five-hour delay in Houston. Now I'm an empty nester. Anyway, wanted to post here as well as on my post from last week that Carla is the winner of the early copy of THAT LAST WEEKEND! Yay. Please send me your snail mail address. ldisilverio AT gmail DOT com

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