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August 04, 2017


Hank Phillippi

Well it's not reality, that's the thing! But that doesn't make them less entertaining! I love the cooking ones-- I could watch the British Baking Show and Chopped forever. And the one with kids. And! Project Runway!

Susan Neace

With the current exception of Midnight Texas I don't watch tv but my husband is fascinated by the shows of life off the grid in Alaska. I have seen some reality shows when visiting family and friends who never turn off the tube. I haven't figured out why anyone would agree to be on a reality tv show. I read about a lawsuit by an older woman from one of the Alaska shows who claims the producers put her life in danger. I do understand the interest in other people's homes though. When we were house hunting last year I obsessively looked at websites of homes for sale and I still wonder what happened to homes I looked at over and over online.

Karen in Ohio

Reality TV is not only scripted, it is also heavily edited to reflect whatever the producers want to say. My husband happens to be a filmmaker, and I've seen a lot of slicing and dicing over the last nearly 40 years.

Take The Apprentice, as an example. It's becoming increasingly clear that the, ahem, original star is incapable of speaking clearly. And increasingly clear that the producers took many hours of scene to create the 45 minutes of network time. Also, the jobs he was hiring and firing for did not, in actuality, exist. It's all fake.

The only reality TV I even half trust is Dancing With the Stars. It's hard to fake improving skills at dance, although I question much of the background stuff.

Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

I watch HGTV while pounding out the miles on the elliptical at the gym. I enjoy learning about all the bad stuff encountered during renovations (too expensive to install a beam, porch not up to code, aluminum wiring).

Isn't it amazing how spiffing up a house for resale includes all new furniture and accessories?

My least favorite whiner on the house hunter shows: "But Honey, you promised me black granite countertops."

I'll take the Great British Baking Show any day.


Hank, I suppose you're right, that knowing they're not real doesn't make them less entertaining. I have to check out this British Baking Show.


Karen, thanks for that perspective. I knew they were scripted and fake, but the idea of them being cut to create the effect the producers want never occurred to me. I know I'll watch things differently now. I never saw the original version of The Apprentice, just it's commercials, and the version we're seeing now. Since I never saw it, it also never occurred to me they were fake businesses.


Susan, I also can't figure out why someone would do a reality tv show. They do make people look awful or stupid. I appreciate the interest in other people's homes, too, although I don't entirely understand my own interest. And I understand what you mean by thinking about the houses you passed on. When I drive by houses we looked at when we bought our house, I wonder what the new owners did to them. I still remember the old owners' decor choices.


Margaret, I've found it interesting to learn all the construction issues, too, such as how to remove a load-bearing wall. Not that I'm doing it, but I didn't realize there was an option in the way of a header. And I've also been amused by how a house can't be sold unless it's staged with all new furniture. Aren't the buyers supposed to see their own things in that space? Do they have all new stuff? I really need to check out this British Baking Show.

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