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August 23, 2017


Susan Neace

My mother moved from eastern Ky to Cincinnati to work in a defense plant building airplanes. I can't remember her ever talking about it beyond the fact that she did.


Victims with lots of enemies and victims with no known enemies both make for great mysteries!


Sounds great!

Triss Stein

I am thrilled to be here and so sorry I didn't drop in sooner. I am on a family vacation and children and grandkids. A lot going on every minute. Thank you to commenters and I will be back regularly for the rest of the day.

Triss Stein

Susan Neace, thanks for writing-for some of those girls like your mother, it was life-changing. For some, patriotism. For others, it was a chance to get a better job, not a small thing at the end of the depression.For my girl in the story, she fought her family to go work in such an "unsuitable" job.

Jana Leah

This series seems like a good way to experience the different Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Triss Stein

Thank you, Jana. Quite a few people have said that, and it was one of the ideas I had when I started writing. I looked around me and saw stories everywhere.

Lesley Keech

Sounds intriguing! I love finding a new series :)

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