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September 22, 2017


Jess Lourey

Thanks for hosting us, ladies! We are thrilled to be here.

Joanna Campbell Slan

I cope with crazy by doing crafts and walking my dog. I try to hit the re-set button when I feel myself doing a downward spiral...but it's hard, isn't it? Thanks, dude-ettes, for a timely post.


Two of my favorite authors! Welcome back, Jess & Shannon.


I cope with the crazy by diving into a good mystery.

And Jess, can I pretty please have some string cheese?

Jess Lourey

Thanks, Kris! And Joanna, that sounds like excellent coping mechanisms.

Shannon Baker

Good morning, Femmes and the world. I'm late to the party so I hope you left some goodies. Here in AZ (where pot is NOT legal--damn it, Jess) it's still early.

Dog walks are necessary not only for our crazy, over-energized Wiemaraner, but also for my sanity. Thanks Joanna. And Mark, I hope you have a really crazy life so you can keep reading lots of mysteries!

Shannon Baker

As advertized, here's the Kobo link for my .99 Kate short story https://tinyurl.com/yc8sgeo9 and here's Amazon https://tinyurl.com/ybdf2asx

Marla B

I usually read to cope with the crazy. No matter how bad my problems are, I can always find a book character who has it much worse!

Deb Romano

How do I cope wth crazy?? Chocolate helps!!(Off to have some right now.)

Patricia Stoltey

Shannon and Jess, you two never fail to be entertaining and make me laugh out loud. Good luck on the tour.

Jana Leah

Snuggling with my kitty & digging into a good book help me cope with the chaos of life.

Shannon Baker

Marla, that's excactly why we write. Keep reading!

Deb--I've put myself on a low carb diet so no chocolate for me. But I only committed for 17 more days. Then I'm with you!

We LOVE you Pat!

Jana, I love cats. But I love my husband more, so I'm catless. But I do have a wild Weimaraner -- not good for cuddling.

hank Phillippi Ryan

Love you both! And...Saltines!
Gotta go, backson...xoo

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