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September 12, 2017


Ann E Mason

Darlin', I know you will never find anything to compare with that fish supper, not here in the U.S. anyway, but I do have a suggestion.

Someday when you are in the mood for a nice drive, take Hwy 1 down the coast to Half Moon Bay, if you can still get there after the mud slides.

There you will find a scruffy little place called The Flying Fish. In my opinion, this is the best fish and chips shop in America. I've watched them haul out one of the morning catch, clean and fillet it on the spot and cook it up right before my eyes.

Can we say fresh fish? It's usually cod or whatever they caught just now. There's a fish market right next door, which I presume is the source.

Trust me on this. I am a nurse. And now I'm off once more to draw a house, a tree, and a person. xox

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Save travels, dear Catriona. The pictures you are posting look amazing. And I do love Fish and chips!

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