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November 02, 2017


Clea Simon

I feel your pain, being currently cat-less. If it helps, keep in mind that nobody but nobody ever suffers from litter box envy.


I also have your allergies plus feathers. So I enjoy looking at all the cute cat pictures with envy but know I can not leave 24/7 with one. I do not and never have had litter box envy Clea. That was a great comment!

Jacki York

Well, the upside is think how much you are saving in NOT buying cat food, cat litter, and the vet bills!

But I would miss my little demons.

Oddly enough I had one cat who when I would hold her close, my eyes would water and my nose would run. I've never encountered it again until I adopted a kitten a few months ago. It's not a big deal- I just can't snuggle her very close to my face. What makes it a little stranger is that we also adopted her sister and I do not have the same issue with her!


I'm so sorry.

Cath Hoffner

Anytime you need a cat photo or two, I'm happy to oblige! I'm sorry though that you can't have one.


I"m allergic as well. So I fully understand the interest in having a cat while not being able to ever get one.

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