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December 06, 2017


Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

And the Christmas music that starts the day after Halloween. The shop-lifters. The store credit card pitches. The coupons (we do/don't take expired coupons, we don't honor competitor's coupons). And around here, the dogs that "shop" with their owners. Dog fight in aisle three!

Storyteller Mary

Kindness and patience is most helpful for everyone. It we can't get out faster, we might as well enjoy each other's company while we wait.

Kate Adams

This is why Amazon is eating everybody's lunch.

Alan P.

It is amazing that the global pizza company I work part time for does not check with the drivers before setting pricing policy.

Hard to explain to some people.

Alan P.

For most stores that ask my zip code I say 63121. One of the poorest zip codes in the St. Louis Area. That information is used to decide where stores should open. Wellston needs businesses.

For emails most places get spam@uce.gov. The address to report spam to.

Elaine Viets

The people in charge never consult the people who work, Alan, and it leads to some really stupid decisions. Nice of you to use the Wellson Zip. I'll have to remember spam@uce.gov

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