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April 10, 2018



Congratulations on the launch of the new book. You already know how much I love it and I know that readers everywhere will be taken with Lexy.

See you soon!


I'm a CA native, so I probably don't appreciate the wonderful weather we have like I should. But I do so love our lovely weather. About this time of year, when it is sunny and warm, I want to be outside during the day soaking it up. Unfortunately, my boss seems to think I need to be inside working.

Looking forward to reading this book.

Ann Mason.

I’m in the midst of a great book, Scot something or other, so I’ll keep this short. I’ve lived in SF and LA, and I never left the house without a jacket. Those coast cities get cold at night, no matter how gorgeous the day. Perfect weather in my estimation.


Thank you, Kris, Mark and Ann. Your good wishes - before, during or after the read - mean a lot. Cx

Helen Taylor

But what do you all TALK to each other about???
Look forward to reading the book :)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Hurray hurray hurray!!!! NEW BOOK! Tell us about the book! Or at least give us a link.
Yay! (From Boston where I saw a weird thing yesterday.. I said to Jonathan--wait, what's that on the side of the building? It was the sun.)

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