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July 11, 2018



I'm amazed it took so long for them to renew the show, but congrats on the renewal and congrats on getting a fall spot instead of a summer spot. They much have a lot of faith in the second season.

Susan Neace

I assume the October start date is for season 2, and not 3 as it says above?

Elaine Viets

I can't wait to see this new season, Mark and Susan.

Dean James

Great news! More Midnight!

Hank PhilLippi ryan

You are such a rockstar! Standing ovation from Boston… It’s not only your writing that shines, it is your glorious inspirational outlook on life. Thank you thank you thank you! And yes, indeed, the world is inexplicable and crazy.
But great when it’s great, right? Xxx

Charlaine Harris

Hank, I'd sure rather be in the business than without it, crazy as it is. Some days my life seems so strange.

Yes, Susan, Season 2. We'll hope for a Season 3.

Mark, I hope that's what the Fall placement means. Who knows?

Thanks, Dean. I really enjoy the show, and the writers are staying very true to the characters. A TV show can't stay really true to the plots in books.

Elaine, thanks for this opportunity to be a guest blogger. I miss the Femmes et Une Homme!

Elaine Viets

And we miss you, Charlaine. Stop by any time.

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