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October 05, 2018


LynDee Walker

Great post, Kris! I read in many genres, though mystery and thriller are my favorites. But I agree—when I read a great book, no matter the genre, there always seems to be an element of "mystery" about something that propels the story. Whether is a character's self-discovery or a romance in trouble, I keep reading because I want to know the answer to some central question the writer has set.

Sally Schmidt

I read many genres and agree, to hold my interest something has to unfold, has to be discovered, whether there is a murder or mystery or not. Otherwise, it's like reading a journal. Interesting but not quite the same. I think romances and cozies are often not given credit for following this structure.


I think there is a lot of truth in this. But then I might be biased since I’m such a mystery fan.


Me too, LynDee. Sometimes I think genres are the same underneath, just wearing different clothes.


Sally, I agree about romances and cozies sometimes not being given enough credit. I've learned there's terrific writing in every genre and sub-genre.


Me too, Mark. :)

Elaine Viets

I read many genres, and love good women's fiction, Kris. Your WIP sounds right up my alley.


Thanks, Elaine.


"crime novels are what storytelling feats."

Is this a typo? This doesn't make sense. Did you mean fetes (celebrates)? Feats are accomplishments, which completed crime novels certainly are, but it's a noun, not a verb.

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