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September 10, 2006


Julie Herman

Happy Birthday to Donna's dad. My mom passed away three years ago and I still sometimes find myself reaching for the phone to share a choice bit of fun that the kids got themselves into. We never really lose our parents. So glad that your Dad lives on in both your life and in Meg's.



What a delight to see the real Dad is even more terrific than the fictional one. I think about that scene with him and the Spanish Moss a lot. It was beautiful and showed how special the fictional Dad was and, apparently, how wonderful the real inspiration for him was, too.

Gloria Komaba

What a beautiful article on a wonderful Dad. You have the added ability to share your memories of your father in print, and in turn, we readers share in the experiences that went into making him a truly special person. Your father continues to live through you, and what a moving legacy that is, one that I know he's proud of.

Jan Wilcox

I am an EMWA member and came to your web/blog from there. The agent advice is wonderful, thank you. However, I am so sorry about your father. My daddy is 90 this past July 31, 2006. I will be seeing him in IL at the end of Oct. to celebrate both our birthdays. I just wanted to share my thoughts. Jan

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