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March 18, 2007


Marlys Weis

Hi Marlys: I wrote to you many years ago to tell you I enjoyed your books that I started reading because we share the same name. I recently discovered there is a "Marlys Club" consisting of about 80 members. The founder is Marlys Hoeft, living in Minnesota. You can read the news article about it by just putting Marlys Club in the web search engine. Anyway, I wrote to her about you, and she said she would tell the members to check out your books - as she is starting a newsletter. Maybe there is an idea in there somewhere for another novel? Or at least an Oprah show topic? Or wouldn't it be fun to gather club members at a resort spot - all women sharing stories of living with the name that people misspell "Maryls" and comment that it's "pretty"??
Write faster - I'm still enjoying your books!
As ever,
Marlys Weis


Iknow what you mean by Maryls. I picked up the nickname "Marty" in college and family and friends still call me that. But officially I'm Marlys. It was not that unusual name in the MidWest. Let me know if the Marlys club gets together.

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