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May 31, 2007



I like digital photography as a creative outlet as well. Very often it expresses itself as documentary of a zoo trip or knitting progress pictures for my blog.


Great pictures! I just got a (cheapish) digital camera too, but what a difference it makes being able to immediately delete, reshoot or save!

Charlaine Harris

Donna, I caught a glimpse of you at Malice, but you were busy being busy at the banquet. The pictures are just great. I KNEW you were multi-talented.


Dana Cameron

Donna, digital cameras had a similar effect on my husband, Mr. G. He's felt freed up to work on composition and light effects, without feeling like he was burning a lot of film.

Also, cool pics! I'm particularly fond of the jellies. And sorry that I couldn't join you and Lori at the zoo this year. Dana

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