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May 07, 2007


Kris Neri

Yay, Toni & Charlaine! Mucho congrats.

Mary, I just finished reading your new book, Thistle And Twigg. Well done, kiddo! It works so well on many levels, from the fun cozy level to issues that should deeply resonate with the reader.

Femmes rock!


Go Toni! Go Toni! Go Toni!

Cute pic...


Congratulations Toni. but where does one go to read short stories? I remember generations ago that all magazines had 2 or 3 short stories per issue. But that is true no more, and I miss them.

Toni LP Kelner

Since you asked...

Every month, ELLERY QUEEN MYSTERY MAGAZINE and ALFRED HITCHCOCK MAGAZINE are chock-full of mystery stories. There's also THE STRAND, and quite a few online mystery magazines.

Then there are the anthologies. Ahem. Did I mention I've co-edited an anthology with Fab Femme Charlaine Harris? MANY BLOODY RETURNS will hit the shelves in September.

So the stories are there--you just have to hunt 'em down.

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