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December 06, 2007


Charlaine Harris

I loved that movie too, and I always wished I could be as unselfconscious about what I'm thinking as the Emma Thompson character is. I think I often mask that part of myself; either because I won't have any friends if I expose it, or because it's so private.


It is a weird road we travel, Charlaine, turning what are often incredibly personal ideas and memories into something for public consumption. Another thing I loved was that after she finished the book, she willingly left her seclusion to go *talk* with the professor about her work. Everyone in the movie changes because of her daring; a happy thought.


American Dreamer! Two writers for the price of one. Plus, you get Tom Conti.


I'll have to check it out! Thanks, Karen!


Another vote for American Dreamer here! Oh, I love that movie. Stranger Than Fiction looks like something I need to check out. Will Farrell makes me nervous, but if Emma Thompson is in it, I'm sure I'll like it.


Mary, don't worry about Will. I'm not into his brand of humor either, generally, but he commits to his drama with the same intensity that he commits to his humor. You'll love it.

Kris Neri

Dana, I wasn't familiar with Stranger than Fiction, so I rented it last night, and loved it. Really imaginative and there was so much I could relate to. I'm not a Will Farrell fan, either, but he did a good job, and Emma Thompson is always great. As for Hollywood getting it right...they won me over when they used a realistically-sized manuscript, which we saw when Harold read it on the bus. Usually, when they show a novel manuscript, it's the size of a TV episode script. It's a minor point, but that's one of my pet peeves.

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