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December 02, 2007


Denise Swanson


What you really don't want to do is get information wrong about a classic car. In my third book, my sleuth gets a '57 Bel Air and I mistakenly had her fasten the rear seat seatbelts. I still get e-mail about that goof.

By the way, my explaination is that when her father and godfather restored the car for her they put in a safety package which included the rear seatbelts.

Travis Erwin

In times liek this it is best to quote Homer Simpson, "D'Oh!"

Clea Simon

There but for the grace of the pointy-eared cat goddess go I - or all of us - Donna. I think 'fessing up shows your grace and professional attitude, and I trust readers will forgive you. (Just don't mess up anything with a gun! Oh man... gun nuts...)


Donna, I have loved your books and read them again and again. Specifically to write a body of work review for my blog - but haven't gotten around to it yet. Life got busy. Anyway, the reason I read them over again was your turn of phrase, timing and story telling. Love the characters, plotting, and cleverness in your writing. I even bought copies of the books and sent them to my mum and sister in Australia!

I noticed the faux pas regarding Rob's bar exam. However, it was such a spiffingly good paragraph that I didn't mind at all.


Tee Ransone


I read and re-read your books; pass them around; and wake up my husband laughing in bed!

Yes, I noticed the "oops" about Rob and I am also one of those people that count typos. (Just a side effect of my day job.) But I figured someone else would tell you (they did) and you didn't need me saying "me too!"

Don't worry about it and please keep writing!!!

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