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March 09, 2008


Will Bereswill

Charlaine, I once thought that writers write and that was all there was to it. With my first novel about to be released by a small press, I've learned how naive I was.

I have a fairly demanding day job, so writing is a second career for me. And now knowing how much time needs to go into promotion, etc. I wonder where the time will come to complete my 2nd book (in progress).

It's a daunting task to stay focused on the writing.


The industry surely is changing, Charlaine, and it's becoming a steeper and steeper learning curve. It's tough to keep informed about the business side of things while crafting the best book you can. While a writer needs to be responsible about the biz, a good agent makes a huge difference to sides of the job. And I agree: the first thing is to write the best book you are capable of.

Charlaine Harris

Will, I sympathize, having been there once upon a time.
Dana, there's so much more to know now; there's so much more information available about the business, and it's not that hard to find for anyone. It's pretty daunting to stay on top of all the numbers and still write well, without being consumed by worry. I am pretty lopsided, and I find I simply can't do both.


As the femmes fatales, i choose for you Mary Saums.

Thanks for your blog !

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