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April 02, 2008


Charlaine Harris

I read in the previous issue of Entertainment Weekly that the scene from the Indiana Jones movie was Harrison Ford's idea. They were actually supposed to have a fight, but he was tired of learning action sequences, so he countered with this suggestion.

The Bourne movies have my favorite fight scenes. I love the way they are staged, the pacing, the use of improvisational weapons.



I LOVE Chow Yun Fat (hubba hubba) and Jackie Chan. Thanks for these titles, Dana. I like all the Rush Hour movies' fight scenes. Fun to watch the moves and lots of humor.

Wilfred Bereswill

Personally, I found writing a sex scene (not exactly explicit) was easier than writing a fight scene. It's too easy to go into the typical action/reaction mode. She swings. He falls backwards. Etc.

Of course I have more life experience with one of these than with the other.


Charlaine, I think you're right; IIRC, Harrison said something like "I've had this gun...why don't I use that?" And Bourne's improvizations (with the baton, the pen, the toaster in the second movie) are seriously good.

Mary, you're so right about Yun Fat, and I love Jackie's movies to death.

Wilfred, thanks for stopping by the Femmes!

A Visitor

Hard Times (1975)

The best fight scene ever in my opinion.


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