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April 30, 2008


Kristina L.

It's funny how that kind of stuff works. At work, and with many things at home, people think I'm very organized, but I tend to remember the goofy stuff I've done, like the time I went out and bought an 8 foot ladder so that I could change the battery in a smoke detector that was at the top of a vaulted ceiling.

After climbing up the ladder (clutching it desperately; I'm not very good with dangerous-looking heights), I managed finally to open the "lid" of the smoke alarm and dropped it and both batteries on the floor. Fine. I climbed down, got the batteries, climbed up, put in the new battery, got back on the ground, and voila - the alarm kept beeping as if I'd done nothing.

I figured I put the old battery in by mistake. Great. So I climbed back up and went through the whole process again (minus the dropping them on the floor part this time).

Still beeping. I gave up and went out to eat.

A couple of hours later, I realized that I'd been changing the battery on the wrong smoke alarm. The smoke alarm that I should have changed wasn't far away (which is why I picked the wrong smoke alarm in the first place), but it was in the hall and not very high up. I could have used a small stepladder to change it.

Not one of my more brilliant moments.

And I haven't even mentioned the time my sister and I waited 10 minutes at the wrong luggage area at the airport.

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