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April 13, 2008



::nodnodnod:: Oh, yeah, I hear you! Cutting wonderful scenes hurts, but (as Peter said to Harriet), if it makes a better book, does the pain matter? ::g::

Pari Noskin Taichert

Hey, Maria,

Great post. (And thanks to Dana for mentioning it on a list we're both on . . .)

I just sent out my little newsletter to readers and included a scene I adored from SOCORRO. Only, it never made the final book. It's a great piece of writing but had nothing to do with anything important in the novel.

So, sometimes you don't have to shoot your babies as much as put them in day care.


Hah! I like the concept of putting the puppies in day care instead of shooting them...
Excellent post!

Dana Cameron

The idea of recycling an idea that doesn't work is small comfort when you have to cut a scene you adored. BUT...the feeling of using it (and making it an even better scene) in a book where it belongs is satisfying in the extreme.

Thrift, Horatio, thrift.

Keep fighting the good fight, M!

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