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April 16, 2008



Good writing is good writing, whether it's JK Rowlings, Vonnegut or Stephen King. I truly don't understand people who feel as book has to be categorized as 'literary' to be worthwhile. It chaps my hide...

Maria Lima

Toni, that kind of narrow-minded thinking just makes me want to scream.

Who's to say what I like and don't like - and yes, some days, I want a full-fledge five-course meal and others, I'm happy with a Powerbar. Neither cancels out the other, nor are they mutually exclusive. There is room in the world for all types of books.

As Zhadi says above: good writing is good writing and it's our (the readers') prerogative to make our own choices of what to read.

And yeah, he chaps my hide, too.

Dana Cameron

Right on, Maria! I was going straight to the cuisine comparison myself, but you and Toni nailed it: it's what feeds your mood at the moment. And there are lots of nice and encouraging ways to introduce someone to a new author (or genre or cuisine or art), like, 'hey, if you like X, you might also like Y,' but I don't think that was what this guy was trying to do. His pronouncements make me wonder why he's so angry.


This person's guiding light towards 'literary fiction' is a bit dim. It sounds like he prefers his own image of 'enlightened reader' to actually reading and recognizing something of worth. Fiction-wise, I've read everthing from cozies to classics, fantasy and sf, speculative futurist, young adult futurist, and children's picture books. I don't let anyone dictate what I read or when. I have my own tastes, and I review books, but I don't let my pet peeves mar the enjoyment someone else might have for the same book I didn't think much of. Pity that this 'critic' didn't have the same better manners. :-D


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