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January 26, 2009


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Toni, as usual, you are absolutely right.

Writers and people who write do like to share hopes and fears and concerns, and that's one of the reasons blogs like this are so valuable. SO often we're alone in an office, staring at a screen, and it's great to be able to turn to a blog pal and get some reassurance. Comfort. And a pat on the back that you are not really alone.

Now, that astral projection thing. Can it help me with my newest plot?

Dana Cameron

When I was a kid, back in the Neolithic, I used to worry when I would be a "real archaeologist." Would it happen when I had accumulated a number of degrees? When I ran my own dig? When, by way of adverse digging conditions, I contracted a rare tropical disease (which is harder than you might think, since nearly all of my work was in New England)? The answer came to me in the summer of my sophomore year, when there was a period of time between checks when my diet was exclusively stale pita bread and the eggs from friends' chickens (and a bottle of Kahlua thoughtfully left behind by a student). I figured if I was willing to do that to do archaeology, I was real enough.

(Sorry, I have a thing about "real.")

I think you're spot on about writer's block: it's an indication of something that needs correcting. Jan Burke said something very wise when asked "should I outline?" She answered that asking that is like asking whether you should write left or right-handed. It's all a matter of what works for you.

Absolutes, schmabsolutes. I got a thing about them, too.

Write on!


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