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February 01, 2009



Wow, congratulations on your Hollywood deal, Hallie! Cool. I love the idea for this. Any kind of house weirdness in stories appeals to me. Like Charlaine's The Julius House, Haunting of Hill House, that hotel in The Shining. Brrrr. Momm-y-y!

The siren on the post - now that's scary. If it was in my house, I would NOT walk past it at night when it might jump me. :)


Way to go, darlin'! You and Hank are so accomplished I'm convinced you two never sleep...
So have you ever been back to the house?

Hallie Ephron

Yes, Hank,I'm working on a new novel, but it's barely begun.

And Thanks, Ro... fyi I am a prodigious sleeper. No, I haven't been back to the house, but I'm hoping when I call the owner and offer a signed book she'll invite me back.
- Hallie


Hallie, thanks for stopping by the Femmes'! And with what excellent news--congratulations!

Isn't it funny how the houses that got away haunt us? We bid on a house that was a fixer-upper, but were outbid. Can't remember much I liked about the house now (I love the house we ended up with), but I do recall it had an outdoor grill with a stone chimney. Inside the pit, on the ashes, was a small, imitation Mayan figurine. Weird. At the time I was writing SITE UNSEEN and it put me in mind of Mayanists... Later, I worked the grill and chimney into my sixth book.

Your "house that got away" sounds beautiful...perfect for haunting.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, thank you, Dana and Hallie. I'm searching for a new plot. Now I know--I'll just go house-hunting!

(But Dana: inside the pit??? That's weird.)

Toni LP Kelner

When Steve and I were house-hunting, we saw some wonderful fixer-uppers, but were fully cognizant of the fact that we can barely fix a sandwich, and kept looking.

It's probably just as well you didn't get the house, Hallie. You'd have been so busy fixing it up that you'd never have started writing!

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