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April 26, 2009


Charlaine Harris

Thirteen cities! Elaine, you take care of yourself. I'm relieved to be staying at home this year, though I miss talking to the readers. Have a great time.


Elaine Viets

Thanks, Charlaine. I'm looking forward to talking to readers. It's good feedback for me to speak to people face to face, rather than email.


It sounds great, Elaine! I love this series. I can't wait to read it.

My favorite he-she talk comes when a couple leaves a party. Both say, "Great party." What he means is, "Great party." What she means is, "How could you embarrass me like that? If you don't know what you did wrong, I can't explain it." Venus & Mars doesn't begin to tell it.

Have a great tour.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

It's three in the morning. In bed. True story.

Hank: You awake?
Jonathan: No.
Hank: You know honey, you never tell me your hopes and fears.
Jonathan: Huh?
Hank: You know, your hopes and fears. You never tell me that stuff.
Jonathan: Huh?
Hank: Do you have hopes? Do you have fears?
Jonathan: (pauses.) Yes, I do. I hope you'll stop talking. But I fear you won't.


Elaine, have a great time on tour and best of luck with the book!

One of our favorites is:

He: How are you?
She (lips pursed): Fine.
He (backing away): Uh-oh...

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