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May 27, 2009


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Whoa. I won't make any Odyssey/Dana's life analogies. But wow. You've gotta admit.

What lovely things are happening to you..and well-deserved. (Well, you've been to Mt. Olympus. Kind of. But close enough.)

Anyway! Welcome home. And congratulations. (Toni, too!) It's terrific. What a fantastic group!

Dana Cameron

Thank you, Hank! It's been an *extremely* exciting spring! I couldn't have imagined anything so grand.


It seems amazing that some people are unimpressed by the Acropolis.
It's not just what was happening there over 2000 years ago, it's also the beauty, the colours, the plants, the setting AND what was happening there over 2000 years ago.
Are the guards with whistles still there if you get too close?

Dana Cameron

Absolutely, Chris. You hear the same thing about the Colosseum in Rome. Never mind how much engineering it took--without modern engines!--to import the stone and put the things together!

Yep, there were lots of whistles. People trying to pose on top of column bases, etc. I thought they were tour guides at first, and wished they'd stop .

Thanks for stopping by!

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