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May 08, 2009


Charlaine Harris

I only wish I'd been there to see Dana's face. I'm so glad to hear this wonderful convention is still thriving. I know a lot of people are cutting back on non-essential travel these days, so I think it's a great sign that Malice was held at all. Congrats to all my friends, and I envy all the attendees!

Book Tarts

Malice had so many good choices for the Agathas, it was hard to decide who to vote for. That says a lot for the award when the nominees are so good.


Kris and Charlaine - you were both missed. This Malice was less frenetic and more relaxed and fun. I'm anxious to see what the new (old) hotel will be like.

Hiya, Book Tart - you're so right. Nominees are always all winners, but this year the books seemed to have an extra helping of oomph.

wendy roberts

I've yet to make it to Malice but I do hold hope that one day I'll get there. Then again, I'm still recovering from Bouchercon in October lol!


It was a great B'con, wasn't it? All conventions wear me out, but that one was a solid blur. Judy B. and Ruth J. scheduled way too many fun events. :) I'm looking forward to this year's B'con in Indianapolis, too.

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