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May 17, 2009



Hi , i haven't read you in Red Room yet - i'll go there next - but reading your post made me think of advice that someone posted on the net somewhere.
They said that "people don't read" online, they scan looking for key words and went on to urge bloggers to write with this in mind (even to the extent that we should use bold type mid sentence).
Initially i found it depressing then realized that i like reading and maybe their were others who did.
then i noticed there are blogs - like yours - that encourage the viewer to stay and read.
So what do you think?
Are we a dying bread?

Adam Green

Thanks for the tip, Kris. A search for an author's name on redroom.com does seem effective:
"kris neri" site:redroom.com

I've added this to the demo Google Alerts account for Michael Pollan I'm working on. You might be interested in a public Google Alerts account I created as an example for independent book stores:

Please leave a comment if this is useful for you, and if I missed anything you usually search for. Thanks!


Chris, I hadn't heard that, but I guess it could be true for some people. There are people who skim books the same way. Many people are so busy and trying to get as much done as quickly as possible. I have to admit I've sometimes not read emails as thoroughly as I should, and immediately make a note to myself to slow down. Maybe my experiences are unusual, since both my work as an author and as a bookseller brings me into contact with people who love to read, and who love savoring every word. But I do see lots of devoted readers, and I see loads of kids, of all ages, who love to read, too. So I don't believe we're a dying breed. I just think that, with the internet, we now see more of all kinds of people, and all kinds of reading styles. But I believe there are lots of people like us out there.


Adam, thanks for sending that. I'll take a look at your page as soon as I can to see if I can make that work for me. Thanks!



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