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May 14, 2009



It does give one a sense of cultural and temporal whiplash, doesn't it? I thought there'd be flying cars by now--doesn't 2009 sound futuristic?--but I'm really glad there aren't.

And...I already had my first G&T of the season. It was such a glorious summery-spring day, I couldn't help myself!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Why did we all think there would be flying cars? We did, didn't we? Because of the Jetsons, I guess.

Wouldn't that be--terrible? (People would probably be texting and flying.) Or do you still think that'll happen?


For a long time people have tried to imagine time travel and sometimes, somewhere there have been individuals with the capacity to achieve the dream.
I think though every time they achieve the potential they are faced with the dilemma of "where shall I go?"
As the technical side of the challenge recedes the philosophical side becomes more and more difficult and eventually they are all faced with the realization that now that they can travel in time the place where they would want to go is right here, right now.
Stand still and travel in time.
we do have flying cars, didn't i see something in the paper the other week?

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Ah, Chris, that's so interesting. And of course we can sort of time travel by staying where we are..

But it reminds me of the hilarious and wonderful comic, Steven Wright.

He said once:

"I saw a sign in a diner that said: Breakfast Anytime.
So I asked for scrambled eggs, during the French Revolution."


I want to time travel- If you ask me between backpacking and tracking it is the best kind of traveling there is hehe- is there a ship coming out soon I can get a ride on? hehe

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