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June 07, 2009



So exciting! I love hearing about new 'buzz' books, so thanks for reporting those. Alan Furst, Joseph Kanon - oooh, ahhhhh. :) Glad you had a good time.

Margaret Stohl

I'm glad you liked at least the first four pages of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. Hope the 600+ to go don't disappoint :) Margaret

Hank Phillippi Ryan

OH, Margaret--how nice to see you here! If you get a chance--tell all! Were you at BEA? How did it go?

And feel free to tell us about the book..


It sounds like you had a wonderful time at BEA, Hank! I love these "sneak peaks" we get.

Charlaine Harris

The first book fair I attended was absolutely surreal. Free! Books! Free! I still love 'em.

Charlaine Harris

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh,gosh. What is it about that? My editor warned me about the first one--she said--oh, you'll turn into someone else at BEA.

I said--huh?

SHe said--just you wait. YOu'll be relentlessly on the hunt.

All true. But, I agreee Dana, it's such fun to see what's new.

On the other hand--there are SO MANY books!

And Charlaine--continuing congratulations on the NYT list juggernaut. YOu make it such fun to open the paper on Sundays.

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