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June 29, 2009


Chris Adams

If you haven't already seen it, watch The Unknown Chaplin, a collection out-takes, edits etc from his films.
There is a lengthy section where his work on the film that became The Immigrant, is reconstructed from what he filmed but then threw out.
The story started as "scenes in an artists' cafe"
It is a film version, i think, of what you are describing here.
A lighter and fictional approach can be seen in Shakespeare in Love where, interestingly, the young Shakespeare is struggling with an early draft of "Ethel and the Pirate".
It will eventually become Romeo and Julliet.
I hope your story is equally successful.
I wonder if it is possible to do a written version of this, a sort of reconstruction novel?


My butler story? Was originally a historical piece set in Victorian times...go figure.

I feel your pain--or at least, your creative struggle.

-- Maria Lima


A lot of my stories have morphed into something better. http://www.menopausemusing.com

Dana Cameron

Good for you for knowing how and when to reboot, Toni, and what elements belong! It took me forever to figure out that what became "The Lords of Misrule" was set in 18th-century London with Margaret Chase, and not at a high-tech company's holiday party with Emma Fielding. Whew.

Such a relief when you find the right path...Brava!


The creative process is both magical and maddening. I'm glad you pushed through it to arrive at the right solution, Toni.

Charlaine Harris

Me, too, because Toni sent me a great story.

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