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June 10, 2009



I love your take on this! The idea of Verbal Weed Killer is going to be a big help to me.


I'm glad it was helpful for you, Mary. It's something I always have to remind myself about.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yes. What a great idea. Just--let it grow. Everything grows and develops, and you don't know what the mature plant looks like when it's just a seedling.

Kris! Lovely. And so inspirational.

Next: weeding=revising.


Ah, yes. If you let the weeds grow, there comes a point when the weeding must begin.

Revising is my actually favorite part. So much easier when the book is actually written, even if it needs work.

Thanks, Hank!

Dana Cameron

Nice analogy, Kris! I really like the part about letting native plants take root, rather than trying to force exotic species where they won't thrive. I learned that when I learned that I had to use MY voice, not someone else's. About a 700% improvement in my work, almost immediately.


Dana, I think we all needed to learn to trust our own voices at some point in our development. It requires courage for a new writer, but it also provides great growth. Thanks for your comment!

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