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June 22, 2009


Chris Adams

I don't know if you know about it, but if you don't check out the 48 hour film project.....


It's great event, teams have 48 hours to write, act, film, and edit.

Dana Cameron

Thanks for this cool insight, Charlaine. I think it's fascinating the way that some jobs just don't come across as...
workaday. Astronauts, actors, artists: those jobs *do* sound glamorous, and maybe some parts of them are, occasionally. But there's are a lot of hard, tedious, and grubby moments in the meantime. I bet Elaine and Hank could tell stories of the glittering and exotic life of television personalities.

Shannon Esposito

Oh, but what an amazing experience for you! I can't even imagine.


What an exciting experience for you, Charlaine! Now you can put this in a book and write it with great authenticity.

Becky Hutchison

Oh...our very own True Blood star. How awesome you got to be in a scene. I have participated as part of a "crowd" in two productions (the George Washington miniseries with Barry Bostwick and Patty Duke in Alexandria VA and MAJOR LEAGUE II filmed at the Orioles' stadium in Baltimore), and I was surprised at how much preparation went into a one minute scene. I enjoyed it more at Camden Yards because we could get something to eat in-between scenes...it's a lot of wait, wait, wait for a little bit of filming.

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